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Sign Writing Removal

Thorough sign writing removal treatment eradicating all glue remnants. Entailing a three stage machine polish to remove lettering as well as any hedge scratches and marring. Finished with a carnauba wax providing an excellent shine and up to three months protection.

2-3 Days

From £300

Whats Included:


  • A scratch free wash with a ph neutral, coating and sealant safe car shampoo

  • Clean, degrease and remove brake dust from wheels and wheel arches with ph neutral, safe wheel cleaner

  • Clean and degrease fuel cap

  • Clean door and boot shuts

  • Dry with a soft buffing towel

  • Clay Bar paint decontamination

  • Removal of metal fallout particles that bond with paintwork and cause oxidation

  • Removal of tar, fuel stains and tree sap with a paintwork safe solvent solution

  • Isopropyl wipe to remove all residue


  • Removal of sign writing vinyl with a heat gun

  • all glue residue removed

  • Full machine polish with a hard polishing pad and cutting compound to remove paint imperfections, swirl marks and marring

  • Full machine polish with a soft pad and finishing compound to increase shine and clarity 

  • Chromes polished by hand

  • Restore & polish exhaust tip 

  • Clean and buff exterior glass


  • Apply a high quality carnauba wax by hand

  • Wax door and boot shuts

  • Rejuvenate & dress exterior plastics 

  • Apply tire dressing

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