Our Bristol based mobile detailing service offers 3 main detailing packages depending on the condition and requirements of your vehicle. We also offer a range of optional extras to tailor each detail to your car's needs. Bookings can be made online at your own convenience or give us a call for a chat about our services.

5-6 hours

From £180

Paint Enhancement Detail

If your paint work is in need of some attention this 

decontamination, clay bar, single stage machine polish and sealant will really bring it back to life.

Ceramic Coating

In need of long lasting protection for your paintwork?  our choice of ceramic coating offers a year of durable protection from the elements

1 Day

From £230

Full Protection Detail

Ideal for those looking for a total internal and external transformation of their vehicle. This is the complete package: full interior and exterior protection

1-2 Days

From £330

Sign Writing Removal

Thorough sign writing removal treatment eradicating all vinyl and glue remnants. Followed by a Paint Correction Detail to bring the paint work back to pristine condition.

1-2 Days

From £300

Top 5 Questions About Detailing

1. What does a full car detail include?

Exterior detailing involves 3 main stages, Decontamination, Correction and Protection, each play a vital role in keeping your cars exterior in pristine condition or bringing it back to its former glory.



  • Paint decontamination involves using various paintwork safe chemical solutions and a clay bar to remove all contaminants from vehicle paintwork before correction or protection services are carried out



  • Paint correction involves correcting flaws in vehicle paintwork like hedge scratches, marring and swirl marks, this process also restores shine, clarity and colour.



  • Paint protection involves applying products from carnauba wax to ceramic coating which utilise hydrophobic properties to protect your paint work from 1 months to companies claiming there ceramic coatings last 5 years and more


2. What does it cost to detail a car?

Detailing can vary greatly in price and quality, here at Driven to Detail our detailing options range from £85 to £400


3. How long does a full detail take?

Depending on the detailing services you can expect an entry level paint correction to take 1-2 days however the more complete correction and protection details can take up to 2 to 3 days or more depending on the detailer and process.


4. Does car detailing get rid of scratches?

It is surprising what can be done by a professional detailer with a machine polisher but its capabilities are still limited to surface level scratches, for deeper scratches and scuffs that go all the way through the paint, a smart repair or respray would be needed.


5. How often should i detail my car?

We advise a minimum of 4 visits a year from your detailer to keep your car looking at its best and well protected throughout the year, here at Driven to Detail we offer various subscriptions ranging 4, 6 and 12 visits per year.

Book your first Detail today and see what all the fuss is about!