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For mobile car valeting & detailing in Bristol that you can trust – look no further than Driven To Detail. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, no one better knows what it takes to get your vehicles looking their best than us. Paint corrections and upholstery protections to ceramic coatings and headlight restorations – with Driven To Detail, we’ve got all your car care needs covered! Fast, reliable and fully flexible around your needs. Driven To Detail ticks all the boxes. When it comes to your car,

we put the devil in the detail.

What Customers Have To Say?

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The Difference Between a Car Wash & a Mobile Valet or Detail

The goal of a car wash is to get the car looking clean and presentable. Detailing is about correction & protection; bringing the car back to the glorious sheen it had when it was sitting on the showroom floor and attracted your attention back when you bought it. Additional steps like paint correction and ceramic coating are some of the keys to this restorative process, breathing new life into even tired-looking paint.

What Does a Car Wash Include?

A car wash is either a visit to a local automated or hand car wash where your goal is to simply remove the worst of the visible dirt, dust and grime from the surface of the car’s body, glass and wheels. This is the basic service, and it may include something like an interior vacuuming, too. At a car wash, there aim is to wash as many vehicles as quickly as possible where as a detailer will use all of the time and attention necessary to complete the required services on your vehicle to the highest standard.

What Does a Mobile Valet or Detail Include?

A  much closer, deeper clean of the vehicle, and will often include clay bar and chemical paint decontamination, correction of minor paint flaws with a machine polisher, protecting vehicle paint work, wheels and glass with specialist products such as ceramic coating and a deep clean of the interior including stain removal and often much more.

Car Wash Vs. Detail

1. The Way Detailers Work

Detailers work with a range of specialist equipment and products including machine polishers and cutting compounds, car safe cleaning agents, super soft microfiber cloths and much more designed to bring out the best in every vehicle. They know every corner of the car intimately, and know how to use their tools to provide services car washes may not have the time, knowledge or equipment to do.

2. Timing/Length

A high-quality car detailing can take up to 3 days or more. In contrast, a car wash takes about 7 minutes. Even a hand wash, done to a good-enough standard, could be finished well inside 30 minutes if the washer had some experience.

3. What the Eye Doesn’t See

Finally, car detailers make use of extra things like the clay bar to treat the paint surface and capture dirt that is so embedded into the clear coat that you can’t even see it. Only after removing these most deeply entrenched contaminants can you then guarantee good contact between the paint surface and wax/sealant. A detailer knows these things.

If you want to experience the detailing difference for yourself and you're in Bristol or surrounding areas, then Driven to Detail is at your service. Click below to learn more about our great-value detailing packages or give us a call on 07711951964


Spanning the last decade, Driven to Detail founder, Dan Cooper, has perfected his valeting & detailing skills and knowledge to the highest standard in several showrooms & detailing bays across the South West, including The Porsche Centre Exeter, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Skoda and Mini. 

​As a mobile business we are fully flexible, visiting you at your home or workplace at a time convenient to you.

However, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Dan, like many others, unfortunately found himself out of work and with no government support. Not one to give up, Dan took the decision to go it alone and established Driven to Detail in September 2020.

Throwing himself into every aspect of the business, Dan has worked tirelessly to provide the highest standard of detailing and valeting services to Bristol. A true self-starter, Dan has taught himself everything necessary to get Driven to Detail off the ground; from creating the website, to teaching himself marketing strategies, to designing a vast array of detailing packages.

Since then, he has gone from strength to strength and has been fully booked since January. Dan's conscientiousness, outstanding customer service and work ethic has resulted in over thirty 5* Google reviews and more than 200 happy customers.